NMR facility:

NMR Facility of IISER Kolkata has two state of the art NMR spectrometers, (i) a JEOL 400 MHz (ECS 400) with normal probe and inverse probe, (ii) an ultra-shielded Bruker 500 MHz NMR with BBO, TXI, SEI, CPMAS and HRMAS probe. A third channel upgrade for ADVANCE-III 500 MHz spectrometer for triple resonance spectroscopy is also available for use. This facility is maintained by the Department of Chemical Sciences.

Mass spectrometry facility:
The department of Chemical Sciences has micro Q-TOf from Waters for determining the mass of the samples having small molecular weight.

XRD facility:
The XRD laboratory with an advanced powder X-ray Diffractometer (PXRD) and single crystal X-ray diffractometer (SCXRD) is available for use at the Department of Chemical Sciences. X-ray powder diffraction is used for characterization of crystalline materials and thin film samples. It is also used for determining sample purity, unit cell dimensions and presence of modal amounts of minerals. The single crystal X-ray diffractometer (Bruker Kappa Apex II Duo) system with Molybdenum (sealed tube) and copper (microfocus) sources is used for single crystal data collection of small molecules. The data can be measured at temperatures from 100-300 K by using liquid nitrogen cooling attachment.

AFM facility:
NTEGRA Atomic Force Microscope manufactured by NT-MDT, Ireland, with wide range of capabilities is maintained by the Department of Physical Sciences. In addition to the standard contact and non-contact modes, attachments for magnetic, electrostatic and elastic force based microscopy and spectroscopy in varying external magnetic field and temperature is available for use. The system also has Scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) and nano-indendation capability. For biological samples, the system has a special cell that can scan in liquid environment which is useful for imaging live cells. Also we have special ultrasharp carbon nanotube coated tips that are suitable for precise imaging of DNA like molecules.