The Facility Line STED microscope from Abberior Instruments has four lasers for excitation (405, 488, 561, 640 nm) as well as one pulsed STED laser (775 nm). Patented adaptive illumination methods enable live-cell imaging with drastically reduced photobleaching and phototoxicity. FLIM capabilities available.

Charges for STED Microscope

Slot Booking for STED Microscope

1. STED super-resolution microscope on an inverted Olympus IX83 body.
2. One pulsed STED laser (775 nm) complements two excitation lasers ( 561, 640 nm)
3. Okolab stage top incubator for CO2 and temperature control.
4. Multi-channel, z-stacks, time-lapse imaging, multi-point capture, tiling
5. FLIM capabilities available

STAGE: IX3-SSU ultrasonic xy-scanning stage for IX83

AUTOFOCUS: Custom design based on Olympus IX3-ZDC-2 z-drift compensation unit for steady confocal/STED imaging

STAGE TOP INCUBATOR: Okolab stage top incubator for CO2 and temperature control

OBJECTIVES: 60X, NA 1.42, UPLXAPO60XO & Oil 40X, NA 1.4, UPLSAPO40XO Oil

EXCITATION LASER LINES (nm): 405, 488, 561, 640


DETECTORS: Two ultra-sensitive single-photon-counting APDs.

Chat with us regarding labelling–especially if trying to push resolution limits

Adaptive illumination via RESCue and DyMIN

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Faculty in-charge: Prof. Mohit Prasad (email:

Technician: Shreya Ghosh (email: