Gas Chromatography & Mass Spectrometry(GCMS)

A gas chromatograph coupled to a mass spectrometer (GCMS) can analyze thermally stable, volatile organic molecules with high resolution and accuracy. This instrument is helpful to detect and quantify volatile and semi-volatile compounds in a mixture with suitable standards. Identification is based on the characteristic MS fragmentation pattern.

Instrument details: Agilent 8890 GC coupled to 5977C HES MSD

Types of analysis possible: This instrument uses a single quadrupole analyzer, MS and FID detector. FID detector is suitable for analysis of hydrocarbons. This instrument can be in general used for identification and quantification of volatile and semi-volatile compounds. A chemical derivatization step might be essential for some samples. Both split and splitless injection modes are available along with full scan and SIM modes.

Guidelines for usage: Users must ensure that the samples are amenable to GC and a minimum volume of 100μL is to be submitted for analysis. Only glassware to be used for sample preparation. High quality GC grade solvents only can be used. A sample details form has to be submitted prior to the analysis. Users must ensure that samples are non-toxic before submission. The operating conditions and temperature program must be provided by the user. Derivatization protocols to be completed by the user at their end. Salts, buffers, detergents, strong acids and bases, water, metals, polymeric compounds, plastic vials, plastic tips and parafilm should be avoided.

Faculty in-charge: Dr. Radhika Venkatesan (email:

Technician: Soumik Sao(email: