Research in the Department of Biological Sciences span from the molecular to the organismal levels using various model systems such as bacteria, protozoa, human cells, plants, fruitflies, zebrafish, ants, mice and dogs to try to answer various outstanding questions in biology. This is complemented by research in theoretical and computational biology. Together, this provides a broad and interdisciplinary platform of research covering nearly all areas of modern biology. The research interests of individual faculty members are given below:

Amirul Islam Mallick - Understanding the mechanism of molecular components involved in host-pathogen interaction.(Lab Home Page)
Amit Kumar Mandal - Structural proteomics and imaging of clinically important molecules
Anindita Bhadra - Behavioural ecology and evolution of free-ranging dogs.(Lab Home Page)
Annagiri Sumana - Behavioural Biology and Biodiversity of ants.(Lab Home Page)
Anuradha Bhat - Ecology and behaviour of freshwater fish, Biodiversity.(Lab Home Page)
Arnab Gupta - Cell biology, membrane trafficking, eukaryotic copper metabolism.(Lab Home Page) 
Babu Sudhamalla - Epigenetics and Gene regulation
Bidisha SinhaCell Biophysics. (Lab Home Page) 
Dipjyoti Das Theoretical and computational Biophysics, and Stochastic processes in biology.
Jayasri Das Sarma - Neurovirology and Neuroimmunology. (Lab Home Page)
Malancha Ta - Stem Cell Biology.
Mohit Prasad - Developmental Genetics using Drosophila as a model system.
Neelanjana Sengupta - Theoretical and Computational Biophysics: Protein folding, stability, self-assembly and amyloidogenesis, thermal and solvent influences, crowding effects, interfacial behaviour .(Lab Home Page)
Partha Pratim Datta - Macromolecular structure assembly and Translational Regulation in bacteria. (Lab Home Page)
Partho Sarothi Ray - Gene regulation in inflammation and tumerogenesis.
Punyasloke Bhadury - Marine Microbial Ecology.
Rahul Das - Biomolecular NMR, Structural Biology, Cell signaling
Rituparna Sinha Roy - nanomedicine, drug delivery, biomimetic chemistry , chemical biology, supramolecular chemistry, applied biomaterials and cancer biology.(Lab Home Page)
Robert John Chandran - Tropical Forest Plant Ecology, Conservation biology and Biodiversity.
Rupak Datta - Understanding the role of lysosome in human health and diseases (Lab Home Page)
Sankar Maiti - Actin dynamics during synaptogenesis and planer cell polarization. (Lab Home Page)
Sreeramaiah Gangappa -Plant Molecular and Developmental Biology, Thermosensory signaling mechanisms, Temperature and light signaling cross-talk, Plant Epigenetics, Plant Biotechnology
Supratim Datta - Bioinorganic Chemistry and Biochemical Engineering.
Tapas Kumar Sengupta - Cell signalling, Cancer therapeutics and Microbiology.