Outreach Programme of DBS

Department of Biological Sciences Outreach Program aims to serve as a bridge between IISER Kolkata and local people and institutions of the region. It aims to do so by organizing activities for sharing academic excellence with fellow neighboring academic institutions across the country through various outreach education program.

Lab visit by students of Amity University’s Students on 4th May, 2023

Lab visit by students of Mugberia Gangadhar Mahavidyalaya on 23rd March, 2023

National Science Day; 28th February, 2023

Educational Trip of Senior secondary students of DELHI WORLD PUBLIC SCHOOL,KALYANI; 21st November, 2022

Institute Open Day; 11th July, 2022

Lab visit by students of Zoology Department, Barasat Government College, West Bengal; 22nd April, 2022

Lab visit by students of the Dept. of Physiology, West Bengal State University; 11th April, 2022

Lab visit by students of the Dept. of Environmental Sciences, Calcutta University; 10th May, 2019

Lab visit by Kumaun University (Nainital); 4th April, 2019

Lab visit by Serampore College; 27-29 March, 2019

Lab visit by Odisha University of Agriculture and Technology (OUAT); 18th March, 2019