Description of Histopathology lab:

To provide services in histology for cells and tissues including automated processing embedding, paraffin sectioning, cryo sectioning and routine staining to investigators at IISER-Kolkata, State-of the Art Histopathology instruments are installed by Towa optical. The present Histopathology suite under single roof has cutting edge instruments which are listed below.

  1. Shandon Citadel 2000 – Tissue Processing Unit (Automatic)

  2. Shandon Histocenter 3 – Tissue Embedding Unit

  3. Shandon Finesse 325 – Microtome (Sectioning of Tissues)

  4. Shandon Cryotome E – Cyrotome (Cryo-sectioning of Tissues)

  5. Shandon Varistain 24-4 – Tissue Staining Unit (Semi-automatic)

  6. Shandon Varistain Gemini – Tissue Staining Unit (Automatic)

  7. Nikon Eclipse 50i – Microscope (Computerized video and snap capturing facilities)

  8. Nikon Eclipse E100 – Microscope

Installation of histopathological instruments and a notable organized lab setup of international quality have boosted the enthusiasm of young researchers towards the field of Biological research.