Behavior, Ecology & Evolution

We study a whole range of organisms both in the natural habitat and the lab at different levels

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Anindita Bhadra
Associate Professor
E-mail: abhadra[at]

Research Area: Animal Behaviour, Evolution, Ecology

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Annagiri Sumana
E-mail: sumana[at]

Research Area: Behaviour and Ecology

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Anuradha Bhat
Associate Professor
E-mail: anuradhabhat[at]

Research Area: Community Ecology, Biodiversity and Conservation, zebrafish behavioural ecology

Punyasloke Bhadury
E-mail: pbhadury[at]

Research Area: Marine Microbiology, Climate Change and Ocean Acidification, Microbial Ecology

Radhika Venkatesan
Assistant Professor
E-mail: rv [AT]

Research Area: Chemical Ecology, Plant-insect interactions, Agricultural Entomology, Plant Biology. My lab focuses on understanding chemical ecology of tri-trophic interactions between Plant-Insect and Parasitoid wasps with applications in agricultural ecosystems.

Robert John Chandran
Associate Professor
E-mail: robert.john[at]

Research Area: Community and Ecosystem Ecology, Restoration Ecology, Biodiversity Conservation, Wildlife Habitat Management