Developmental & Stem Cell Biology

We study a whole range of Mesenchymal stem cell biology, Actin dynamics in Congenital Disorder, Metazoan Morphogenesis and Plant Development

Malancha Ta
Associate Professor
E-mail: malancha.ta[at]

Research Area: Molecular characterization and differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells isolated from human umbilical cord/bone marrow/adipose tissue

Mohit Prasad
Associate Professor
E-mail: mohitprasad[at]

Research Area: Cell and Developmental Biology

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Sankar Maiti
Associate Professor
E-mail: spm[at]

Research Area: Actin Cytoskeleton : Regulation of formins activity by formin binding proteins.

Sreeramaiah Gangappa
Assistant Professor

Research Area: Plant Molecular and Developmental Biology, Thermosensory signaling mechanisms, Temperature and light signaling cross-talk, Plant Epigenetics, Plant Biotechnology