Disease Biology

We study a whole range of Virology, Immunology, Epigenetics etc. and the lab at different levels

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Amirul Islam Mallick
Associate Professor

E-mail: amallick[at]iiserkol.ac.in

Research Area: Understanding the mechanism of molecular components involved in host-pathogen interaction

Amit Kumar Mandal
Associate Professor
E-mail: amitkm[at]iiserkol.ac.in

Research Area: Structural proteomics and imaging of clinically important molecules

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Arnab Gupta
Associate Professor
E-mail: arnab.gupta[at]iiserkol.ac.in

Research Area: Cell biology, membrane trafficking, eukaryotic copper metabolism

Babu Sudhamalla
Assistant Professor
E-mail: s.babu[at]iiserkol.ac.in

Research Area: Epigenetics and Gene regulation

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Jayasri Das Sarma
E-mail: dassarmaj[at]iiserkol.ac.in

Research Area: Neural Cell Biology, Neuro Science

Partho Sarothi Ray
Associate Professor
E-mail: psray[at]iiserkol.ac.in

Research Area: Molecular Biology, Translational Control, RNA-Protein Interaction

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Rituparna Sinha Roy
Associate Professor
E-mail: rituparna[at]iiserkol.ac.in

Research Area: nanomedicine, drug delivery, biomimetic chemistry , chemical biology, supramolecular chemistry, applied biomaterials and cancer biology.

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Rupak Datta
Professor and Head of the Department
E-mail: rupakdatta[at]iiserkol.ac.in

Research Area: Lysosome Biology & Related Diseases

Tapas Kumar Sengupta
E-mail: senguptk[at]iiserkol.ac.in

Research Area: mRNA Stability, Gene Regulation, Bioremediation