Microbiology & Marine Biology

Multicellular behavior in bacteria: Implications in bioremediation and therapeutics

Gut microbiome in wildlife species and plant microbiome in native tree species in tropical forests

Metabolic potential of photosynthetic microbes and their role in arsenic bioremediation

Novel antimicrobial strategies to tackle Klebsiella infection in infants

Punyasloke Bhadury
E-mail: pbhadury[at]iiserkol.ac.in

Research Area: Marine Microbiology, Climate Change and Ocean Acidification, Microbial Ecology

Robert John Chandran
Associate Professor
E-mail: robert.john[at]iiserkol.ac.in

Research Area: Community and Ecosystem Ecology, Restoration Ecology, Biodiversity Conservation, Wildlife Habitat Management

Tapas Kumar Sengupta
E-mail: senguptk[at]iiserkol.ac.in

Research Area: mRNA Stability, Gene Regulation, Bioremediation